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Marine Life and Ecology Articles

I've written articles on marine life and large-scale ecology which have been published in dive and wildlife magazines, on websites or are briefs on human ecological footprint. Click on the titles below for articles:


Marine Mammals, Birds and Reptiles;

'The deal with seals' - Seals, from greys to leopards to sealions

'The boisterous seal' - The most extreme seal - the elephant seal

'Ancient mariners' - Turtles

'Too slow for comfort' - Manatees and Dugongs


Invertebrates and fishes;

'The Normal Sharks' - The diversity of 'regular' sharks

'White and Blue Wanderers' - The two dominant open ocean sharks in peril

'Giant Sea Hare Orgy' - Sea Hares

'Sea Monsters' - Giant, Jumbo and Colossal squids

'Crustacean Alley' - The Beagle Channel in Southern Argentina

'Cool as a cuttlefish' - Flamboyant to british to giant cuttlefishes

'Armoured and dangerous' - Scorpionfishes and their cousins

'Coldwater Giants' - Halibuts and wolf-eels at Norway's Saltstraumen

'Seadragons' - The oddest and most spectacular of the seahorse group

'Mesmerised in an Octopus' garden' - Octopodes

'Smashers and spearers'  - The delightful and enigmatic Mantis Shrimps

'The River of Krill' - The greatest protein source on earth, and the wildlife that follows

'Hangers-on, lumps and body-snatchers'  - Amazing marine parasites


Ecology and sustainability;

'Your patch of earth' - If you divide the planet among 7 billion of us, what resources do we each have?

'Carbon and food' - Can we all eat meat every day?  Global food production related to carbon balance

'The Ecology of Stuff' - Attempts to work out just how much footprint the 'stuff' we collect is responsible for

Click on one of the following for my illustrations of marine life and albums of Antarctic, Arctic and marine photos 

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