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Marine Biology Courses

1-week and 1-day courses for divers and marine biology students;

Now looking at 2019 and beyond for new course destinations, including cold-water destinations - click here for upcoming expeditions.  Click for a Gallery from previous workshops.


6-day course  A concise and complete introduction to marine life worldwide.   build a framework of understanding and to feed your fascination with the marine world.  Each module is one day, with briefings and guidance followed by an evening talk;


1) Reefs of all kinds (45 min) – Reef systems worldwide, and the animals and plants that build them


2a) Critters and 2b) Fishes (1 hour each) – The variety and diversity of animals in the sea, invertebrates, fishes and fisheries


3) Productivity – Marine Ecology and the big picture (1 hour) – Food webs, plankton and principles of marine ecology.  The whys and hows of seasonal events, and planning trips to hit marine life hotspots at the right time


4) Form and function (45 min) – Powerhouses and superpredators; Reptiles, Birds and Mammals that have returned to the sea


5) The truth about Sharks and Rays (45 min) – A fresh perspective on the ecology and lives of sharks and rays


1 day course  Seminars and workshops for groups of 3 or more, with the presentations all covered in one day   £195.00 pp.  To book click here with preferred dates (Sat/Sun)

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